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Screen Time Collective

Weekly tasks Premium Rewards

MSR is a bit different from your usual ‘money-making’ app. With Retro you can earn premium rewards by uploading screen recordings - of everyday apps - from your iPhone.

For the Screen Time Collective in particular, we need you to upload a Retro of your Screen Time data in your settings every week. The task may seem repetitive but once you get the hang of it, it is easy money.

How does $8/month sound?

Like we said, you get paid a premium for this type of data at MSR. Fair payment is very important to us.
A Screen Time task is worth 150 MSR points ($1 USD) but it doesn't stop there.

Complete all four tasks (One per week for four weeks) and we will double your earnings! That means for four tasks (roughly 2mins long) you will make 800 MSR ($8 USD).

The Collective & Beyond

The MSR app of course still has all the normal features allowing you to earn even more. Sign up with our survey partners to complete simple surveys and bump up those MSR points to cash out with one of our 40 big name gift cards.

Earn more in 3mins with Retro

Than a 20minute survey - It's that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Can I use my iPad to record Screen Time?

Unfortunately for the time being, our technology is not compatible with iPads. We will be looking to bring iPad specific updates as soon as possible and be sure to reach out to you when we have them.

In the mean time, if you have access to an iPhone you can download the app, login into your account and complete the task on that device instead.

Question 2

I have issues uploading but want to complete the task

There are a few reasons you might be running into issues uploading. It could be that the request has resulted in a large video - we apologies. It is always recommended that you upload on a stable wifi network which will help.

If you are having trouble, reach out to support@measureprotocol.com and we will try our best to find a solution here.

Question 3

I have completed all four weeks, where is my 400 MSR bonus?

Congratulations! If you have completed all four weeks with valid video uploads your bonus is coming in the next 48 hours while we double check everything on the back end.

Question 4

I have had my upload rejected and have been asked to redo - How do I get this right?

It can be a tricky task the first time you try it. We have a few helpful hints in the above section but the most important thing to remember is you need you to collect all 4 weeks and that you need to click See More every time you see it.

If you are having particular issues, be it with the instructions or technical please reach out to support@measureprotocol.com and we can help over email or even over the phone.

Question 5

What does that data look like? Can you see my personal details?

Retro data tasks are quicker, more fun, and typically pay about 3x more than the average survey. The MSR app turns the video or image you share into data.

Rather than a boring old survey, we use Retro as the tool to collect for the Screen Time Collective.
This is what a typical data set looks like:

As you can see, The MSR app turns your Retro capture into data.

Question 6

I am worried about privacy. Are Retros safe? 

That is a good question and something we at MSR want you to always ask yourself when sharing valuable data.

The 'data' (basically just rows in an excel format) is combined together in one large, anonymized dataset. Businesses use this data to drive useful insights. For example, which social media platform is the most popular.  

⚠️ Importantly, they can not use it to target you on an individual level.