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Your data is valuable. Use it!

  • Our user-friendly app gives consumers complete control over their data
  • Consumers download our highly-rated MSR app and build their data profile
  • We send data job offers to our audience via mobile notifications
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New Data Tasks. New Questions.
New ways of monetising data.

When you play by their rules, new opportunities exist for alternative data sources. Measure - the data trust company.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the MSR app about?

The MSR app is designed to help users take control of their data by building a data asset which Measure helps monetise in a safe and transparent manner. The MSR app is the primary store of your data asset and opportunities to monetise are driven to your app feed for your review. While many tasks may be surveys, the true value is in completing data tasks and sharing data on your smartphone.


How can I get more tasks?

A primary reason for missing data task opportunities is if notifications are disabled or if the app is killed, as it needs to run in the background to check for new opportunities.


I'm having trouble completing a Retro. Help!

Retro's are our premium data tasks. While some may seem complicated at first, once you get a hang of them, they are super quick and pay better than surveys. Be sure to follow the instructions as each submission is checked for accuracy. Check out our Help Centre for immediate help or if you need some one-on-one help, drop us a line at support@measureprotocol.com and we'll be happy to jump on the line to help walk you through it.


I referred a friend but didn't get a bonus?

When you refer a friend, you'll get a 20% bonus of their earnings. These will automatically show up in your wallet as a referral earning. Once you refer someone, depending on their activity level, there may be a delay until they do their first task. Please note that if your referrer completes a task and later fails a quality check and an adjustment is made, your corresponding referral reward may be adjusted as well. While this isn't ideal, we want to encourage quality engagement across the board and everyone plays a role. Please note your referral earnings are capped at 500MSR per user.

If you have any questions, reach out at support@measureprotocol.com. We are hyper responsive.


I redeemed for a gift card but never received an email?

When you request a gift card, you will receive an email from our rewards partner within 20 minutes. If you don't see it, most likely it was snagged by your spam filter so start by checking there. If you still can't find it, reach out to support@measureprotocol.com and we will sort it out.


How does Measure use my data?

Measure Protocol collects and processes personal data from you when you create an account, register, fill in one of the profile surveys, participate in a survey with one of our partners, or by submitting data via one of our Retro tasks. Our objective is to provide the opportunity for individuals that use our services to earn MSR points for participating in various tasks and sharing their data. We take privacy seriously and strive to provide fair rewards for your data. As such, collected data may be used for:

1. Checking for the eligibility for surveys and other tasks that are active. This includes your profile data.
2. When checking for the eligibility of surveys for one of our survey partners, a limited number of data points may be shared with the partner. These are listed when connecting to the survey partner and at the beginning of each task.
3. To maintain our records and for servicing your account
4. Our clients include leading brands and marketers who are looking for insights to help make business decisions by understanding consumers and behaviors. We use data we collect in aggregate and/or de-identified forms to help them understand trends and behaviors.

We encourage you to only share data that you are comfortable sharing, and to discontinue or abort any task or request that includes sensitive information that you have any hesitation sharing. We instruct any third-party survey partners to not collect any identifiable data and only for the purposes set forth. Data collection for direct marketing or tracking is strictly prohibited.

Our basis for collecting data is based on legitimate interests, consent and to fulfill a contact, or where required to comply with a legal obligation. You have specific rights to your data and we encourage you to review our privacy policy in detail at https://www.measureprotocol.com/privacy.

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