What is a “Retro” task?

First up you need to know what a ‘screen record’ is.

Simply, a screen record captures what is happening on your smartphone screen. Apple iOS has a ‘screen record’ tool that comes with its devices. Find out how to ‘screen record’ on iOS here.

What is a Retro task?

Not a boring survey. A Retro task is a new way for your to share information (i.e. data) that doesn’t involve answering endless questions. Instead, you upload a ‘screen record’ from your smartphone of everyday apps.

Measure’s technology turns this ‘screen record’ into structured data - much like a spreadsheet.

A premium-paying task. Retro tasks pay a premium because they capture pure data rather than just opinions. This data is owned by you and is not shared without your permission

Accurate and anonymized. As you create the video, you control what data is shared. Any personal information shared is stripped and deleted before processing. Data is always analyzed on an aggregated level, pooled together with other participants. 

All you need to do is closely follow the ‘Screen Record’ instructions.

For our data extraction technology to work, it needs the screen record video to follow a set of specific instructions. Missed steps may lead to the data extraction failing and the task being sent out to try again. 

Each Retro has different requirements - From Netlflix viewing history through to Amazon Purchase history. To see the various jobs available see here. 

Retro does NOT 

  • Use your data for advertising targeting 
  • Sell or collect your personal data 
  • Require you to download software or VPN’s.