How to complete a
Screen Time Retro

Screen Time

This Retro task requires you to record and share your iOS Screen Time Data that your phone has been collecting over the previous 3 weeks. The iOS Screen Time data is accessible via your iPhone settings. Screen recording is required for this Retro task. See here for more information on how to screen record. 

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. Open your phone's Settings and tap on Screen Time.

Step 2. Under the screen time chart tap on See All Activity. 

Step 3. At the top of the See All Activity screen, make sure Week is selected.

Step 4. Start the screen recording.

Step 5. Scroll down through the page — each time you see the words Show More, tap on it until the full list is visible and you reach the very bottom of the page.

Step 6. Once at the bottom of the page, tap on the left arrow to see last week.

Step 7. Scroll to the top.

Step 8. Scroll down just a little until you see the date bar across the top of the screen.

Step 9. Tap the left arrow again and scroll to the bottom.

Step 10. One last time, tap the left arrow again and scroll to the top.

Step 11. Stop the recording and upload when you have recorded four weeks of screen time.


It’s vital you follow every step carefully. Missed steps may mean you have to retake the task. 
Before we go through all the steps, here are some elements to take extra note of.  

  • The task should only take a few minutes, but please allow extra time when uploading 
  • Your screen time should be set to week, not day. Check this throughout as it can change without you noticing 
  • You know you have reached the end of the available weeks when the left-hand arrow dims. You may not get rewarded if you do not go all the way back
  • When you see ‘show more’ click it!